How to get a quick estimate of grass nutrient use

This is an excellent question: “I attended your presentation at the [omitted] conference and had a question regarding MLSN. In the equation a + b - c = Q it’s the “a” part of the equation I am having trouble with figuring out how to arrive at that number. Could... [Read More]
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If the greens are too hard, how to make them soft?

This question arrived recently to my inbox. I paraphrase: “Sir my greens are hard, the ball bounces and goes beyond the hole. Please give me recommendations on the steps taken to keep green soft. I have done vertidrain with solid tines but the effect is temporary. Please send suggestions.” I’ve... [Read More]
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New MLSN cheat sheet

I thought it might be useful to summarize the key details of MLSN in a cheat sheet. For people using MLSN, or wanting to use it, this 2 page cheat sheet is intended to be a handy reference. MLSN cheat sheet original version (73 KB PDF) MLSN cheat sheet U.S.... [Read More]
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My four presentations at BTME

These are the slides from my workshops and presentations at BTME this week. You can view the slides here, or go to SpeakerDeck to download any of these slide decks. Turf Conditions & Optimal Efficiency with the Grammar of Greenkeeping This full day workshop on 21 January covered the system... [Read More]
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