Micah is the author of two books: A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping, and 芝草科学とグリーンキーピング: マイカの時間 The BOOK.

What’s the Short Grammar about? Micah describes it like this:

These are the fundamental principles of greenkeeping, if one agrees that greenkeeping is all about the growth rate of the grass and modifying that rate to get the desired surface conditions. Here’s what influences the growth rate, how turfgrass managers can think about those factors, and how they can be adjusted to achieve the desired growth rate. Every turfgrass manager knows that temperature, light, water, and fertilizer will influence the growth rate of the grass. Because the growth rate, and adjustments to it, are what finally produce the desired playing surfaces, it is critically important to understand how these factors can be adjusted. This book explains how the influence of air temperature, photosynthetic light, plant water status, and leaf nitrogen content can be thought of and communicated as a grammar: the fundamental principles or rules of an art or a science.

Micah no jikan THE BOOK cover image

And マイカの時間 The BOOK, what is it about? From the preface, Micah wrote:

Golf is a sport and is played on grass. The greenkeeper works with the grass to produce the best possible playing surface for golf. But just as each golf course has its own design and setting into the landscape, so also the grass on each golf course is growing in its own soil, in a particular climate, with an innumerable list of differences from any other golf course. By understanding and then applying scientific principles of greenkeeping, the results are predictable, and the playing surface can be optimized at any golf course. That’s what this book is about.