Is carbon "the next frontier in fertilization?"

A new article in Crops & Soils discusses soil health, carbon fertilizer, and managing carbon. The conclusion is: "forget about fertilizing with carbon."

There is an interesting article about carbon by Bryan G. and Tyler J. Hopkins in the latest issue of Crops & Soils magazine. Here’s a quick summary, put together with a series of quotes from the article. Introduction “Plants are a factory of sorts whose product is carbon-containing sugar (C6H12O6)... [Read More]

The probability of a dollar spot epidemic

The Smith-Kerns Dollar Spot Prediction Model uses air temperature and relative humidity to give a probability that dollar spot disease will occur on turfgrass. Here's how it works.

I’ve written about reactive greenkeeping being at least a viable option, and have implied that it is preferable to proactive greenkeeping. With a little effort, one can get information (data) about the weather, the amount of water in the soil, the quantity of nutrients in the soil and the quantity... [Read More]

Turf stories as Twitter Moments

I’ve gathered some collections of tweets into moments for easy viewing in sequence. I previously arranged these on Storify, but that service has shut down. Here’s a quick description of these moments. Most important time of day for sun to reach turf I use a full year of weather data... [Read More]

Paspalum and manilagrass lawns

I noticed something interesting on the lawn of a resort at Ko Kood earlier this month. Looking down from the “Beware of falling coconuts” signs, I noticed that the southern section of lawn was primarily seashore paspalum, and that section of lawn was infested with a variety of weeds. Moving... [Read More]