An important Conference takes place between Mr. Gulotti and Andrew McDaniel

Or at least they had a captivating discussion on The Talking Greenkeeper show.

They talked about a lot of things:

  • name dropping
  • manga
  • taking shoes off, or not
  • doing things or applying products for a reason
  • what it was like to work for Micah Woods
  • what it’s like to now be assistant GM in addition to head greenkeeper
  • baseball
  • greenkeeping in Japan
  • much more

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Talking Greenkeeper as much as I did.

Andrew has been featured in a manga series, and there was some discussion of that. I’ve never been in a manga, but Joe was wondering about that type of image; there are apps that can make a manga. This one says something like, translated, “My life is a double bogey.”

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