Annual sand topdressing amounts

If you aren’t already keeping track of sand topdressing amounts, I recommend you do.

Almost every turfgrass manager knows the current mowing height. Most turfgrass managers know the annual nitrogen (N) fertilizer rate. When it comes to sand topdressing rates, some turfgrass managers have that number. Others don’t.

I recommend keeping track of the sand amount applied to each zone of a property. For convenience, I like to express this amount as a depth, but the main thing is to know how much sand has been applied.

Too little sand can be applied. Too much sand can be applied. To get the sand topdressing amount as close to the ideal amount for a site as possible, it is helpful to know how much was applied in the past, and to know how much is being applied now.

Here are some resources and calculators that can help you get started:

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