Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: August 2016

This is a roundup of turfgrass articles and links from the past month

Varying establishment rates of different warm-season grass species in Thailand.

In this month’s roundup: shade photos from bentgrass and bermuda, is it necessary to core aerify putting greens, a year of aeration in one operation, sustainable development standards for golf, and much more.

Travis Russell took some great photos of bermudagrass under different amounts of shade:

Air temperature and surface temperature, is there really a 15°F difference?

GEO released their Sustainable Golf Development Standard:

Gordon Kauffman spoke with John Kaminski on the Tom and John show:

Warm-season grass growth rates and competition at 35°N.

Mike Richardson showed shade effects on bentgrass from experiments in Arkansas:

Is it normal to be cloudy like this?

“an entire year’s worth of aeration in one streamlined operation”

Tom Caliguire keeping bermuda out of paspalum:

From Penn State’s Center for Turfgrass Science: Factors affecting green speed.

Animated chart of PPFD and DLI at Batesville, Arkansas.

More about the most sustainable grass.

Golf El Saler from PAELLA PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Thompson and Kao-Kiffin report on reduced nitrate leaching and increased productivity from multiple species compared to monostands.

How much does the quantity of grass clippings vary from green to green?

Tomaso-Peterson et al. wrote about Curvularia malina disease on warm-season turfgrasses in the southeastern USA.

Zoysia putting greens are something you don’t see every day.

Frank Rossi and Roch Gaussoin spoke on Turfnet Radio about organic matter, coring, and topdressing.

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