The BIGGA National Regional Conference in November

I just saw the program (and the pricing) for BIGGA’s National Regional Conference and am impressed.

This 10 November virtual conference has course renovation, tournament preparation, simple steps to encourage wildlife on the golf course, the busiest season, and then me.

I usually talk about one topic for an hour or more. But on November 10, I’ll be talking about seven things I’ve learned about turfgrass around the world, in just 30 minutes. From plant nutrition to grass selection to growth rate to irrigation, I’m going to share some stories and try to explain what I’ve learned, why it is important, and how this topic might be useful to you.

Oh, the pricing. Early Bird tickets for BIGGA members are £10 + VAT. Early Bird for non-members are £20 + VAT. Join BIGGA and get a free ticket. Rejoin BIGGA and get a free ticket. There are also group booking offers. All kinds of good deals. I hope to see you there on 10 November.

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