When this goes off the rails, it goes way off the rails

I really enjoyed listening to Frank Rossi and Jim Brosnan discuss weed control, Poa annua, herbicide resistance, and glyphosate in their recent discussion on TurfNet’s Frankly Speaking.

I’d recommend listening to this to learn more about some important turfgrass management challenges and the research being done right now to find solutions.

The section about herbicide resistance was especially interesting. After Brosnan described a survey of Poa annua in Tennessee, Rossi asked if he understood correctly that “almost 90% of the [Poa annua control] programs are breaking down in one way, shape, or form?”

Brosnan confirmed that was correct, and explained that “when this goes off the rails, it goes way off the rails … we want you to be diversifying what you’re doing so you’re not selecting for resistance on your golf course, but the answer to a resistance problem is not gonna come from a jug.”

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