Flying Blind: the episode you've been waiting for

You’ve seen the trailer and heard the bleeps. Now, you can watch the full episode. This is “Flying Blind”, Episode 3 in Season 1 of my Grammar of Greenkeeping show.

This episode is about playing conditions, on putting greens especially. It features guest stars from around the world: Lee Strutt, David Bataller, and Brad Revill. And Bjarni Hannesson worked some magic with a remix of the audio track.

What’s this episode all about? Here’s how I described it:

To paraphrase Tolstoy, great putting surfaces are all alike; every poor putting surface is poor in its own way. This episode describes the common aspects of great putting surfaces. These include grass resilient to the necessary amount of mowing and rolling, grass with just the right growth rate, and a resultant surface that provides the desired bounce and roll. But great conditions today are no guarantee that the same conditions can be produced next week or next month, because the weather changes, and perhaps, so do the desired conditions. Therefore, one must be nimble in the management of greens, quickly (and systematically) adjusting the inputs of nutrients, water, mowing, rolling, and sand in response to the current situation. This episode provides an overview of this important topic and then a list of eight key parameters that are easy to measure, and that provide all the information necessary to produce great putting surfaces—and to keep them that way. Featuring guest appearances by Lee Strutt, Brad Revill, and David Bataller, and audio engineering by Bjarni Hannesson, this episode aims to entertain and to inform. Enjoy!

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