"Green sweepers that work beautifully"

A Hatsuta core sweeper at Fuji Classic.

I was searching the Turfgrass Information File for another topic and came across this article by John Baranski, CGCS, from the proceedings of the 1993 GCSAA Conference and Show in Anaheim.

He was a golf course superintendent in Japan at the time, and one of the things he discussed in the innovative superintendent session at the show was core sweepers. In 1993. He wrote:

For the past three and a half years I have been working for a golf course in Japan … some equipment designed in Japan would have a tremendous amount of use in the United States, for example … Green sweepers that work beautifully for removing plugs after aerifying.1

Cleaning aerification cores the easy way in Japan shows a few of these machines in action.

For various reasons, the core sweepers haven’t made their way into equipment fleets around the world as rapidly as one might have expected. I’ve been glad to see both Hatsuta and Baroness machines starting to be used in a few more places.

  1. Baranski also wrote about frost delays (as have I): “There is no such thing as a frost delay, if so, it would be impossible to handle the amount of play that is received … In conclusion, never limit yourself by what you have, but use your imagination and what you have to overcome the odds.” ↩︎

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