How does a ball roll on a zoysia green?

In 2013, I volunteered at Keya Golf Club during the KBC Augusta Golf Tournament. I collected data on putting green performance, and I mowed fairways.

With all the korai greens (this is Zoysia matrella, common English name is manilagrass) in Japan and in other parts of Asia, this is the only tournament on the Japanese men’s tour played on korai greens each year. I wanted to see how the ball rolled on korai greens prepared for a professional tournament.

In this video, I introduce the world’s most famous course with korai greens—Kawana Hotel’s Fuji Course, ranked in the world’s top 100. And I show how the ball rolls on korai greens by demonstrating the Holing Out Test with a Greenstester. Actually, I was behind the camera, and course superintendent Andrew McDaniel was using the Greenstester.

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