MLSN and turfgrass nutrient recommendations

An article, and a video, about MLSN in comparison to other interpretation methods

GCM Magazine has another article about the SLAN and MLSN methods for soil test interpretation. The article summarizes Jackie Guevara’s research (with Kevin Frank at Michigan State University) into turfgrass response when P and K applications are made based on MLSN. See the soil test showdown for more about that project.

In a new video, Carl Schimenti explained the use of MLSN: The Par/Birdie/Eagle approach to Nutrient Management.

This is a project he’s working on with Rick Slattery and Frank Rossi and the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute. When you get to the example about K recommendation, you might be shocked at the difference in fertilizer amounts recommended between conventional guidelines and MLSN.

I love seeing people doing research about, and making use of, (and writing articles and making videos about) the MLSN method for soil test interpretation.

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