A quick geographical estimate of MLSN reach

Three years ago I used the country field from the MLSN newsletter subscription list to do a rough geographical analysis of those using MLSN. I found it most understandable, given the information available, to express the reach of MLSN in terms of the number of golf facilities per subscriber in various countries.

In 2017, the top five were Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, the Philippines, and Thailand.

With the number of subscribers to that newsletter almost doubled now, I took another look at the breakdown of subscribers by country, ranked in terms of the number of facilities per subscriber. I’d much rather express in terms of subscribers per facility, but there aren’t that many subscribers yet.

The top five now are Mauritius, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Pakistan. Canada has remained relatively static in terms of subscribers, but the big golfing countries of Australia (from 1 subscriber every 62 facilities to 1 every 27!), the UK (1 per 57 to 1 per 46), and the USA (1 per 59 to 1 per 48) have increased the reach of the newsletter to more people and presumably to more facilities as well.

New Zealand has also made a big jump. In 2017 the newsletter went to 1 person in New Zealand for every 112 facilities. Now it’s going to 1 subscriber every 46 facilities.

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