MLSN seminar series in Sweden

screenshot of sgf mlsn seminar announcement nov 2019

Registration is now open for four MLSN seminars with the Swedish Golf Federation and Christofer Andersson next month.

mlsn seminar map sweden nov 2019

I’ll be talking about MLSN (the minimum levels for sustainable nutrition) in the context of fertilizer application to turfgrass. One could apply no fertilizer at all, but except in the most fertile soils, a no fertilizer approach will eventually result in unacceptable turfgrass conditions. One could also apply 100% (or more than 100%) of the nutrients the grass could use. This approach will optimize the turf conditions, increase the risk of pollution, and will be more expensive. The ideal would be to supply just the nutrients that the grass requires, by identifying which nutrients can be supplied by the soil, which must be supplemented with fertilizer, and figuring out how much of each nutrient is required as fertilizer. That’s how I’ll frame the discussion, and I’ll go into various aspects of this approach and how it can be applied to any turf, any where, with special emphasis on the conditions in Sweden and in northern Europe.

Micah Woods
Micah Woods

Scientist, author, consultant, and founder of the Asian Turfgrass Center