Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: December 2017

Drought, potassium, seaweed extracts, year-end lists and reviews, unique golf courses in Asia, nutrients in irrigation, topdressing in Japan, and more

Beth Guertal wrote about potassium and drought stress.

If one has a lot of numbers, what’s an easy way to summarize them?

Paul Jansen wrote an article and photo essay of 11 distinctive golf courses in southern Asia.

I answered a question about MLSN: is it the average?

What about nutrients supplied in irrigation water?

Jason Haines wrote about the year and a lot more.

How much sand topdressing is normal in Japan?

Karl Guillard and John Inguagiato in HortScience about seaweed extract effects – or more precisely, lack of effects – on non-irrigated lawns.

These were the most viewed ATC blog posts in 2017.

And these are the least viewed!

Joe Gulotti wrote a new blog post about middle class golf. And salaries, job searches, MLSN, creativity, and more.

I put together a list of awesome things other people did this year.

This is a succinct summary of problems with the conventional way of turfgrass soil test interpretation.

Flights and favorite photos in another extraordinary year of studying turfgrass around the world.

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