Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: February 2018

Microdochium, snow and melting it, naps, sandwiches, taking fun out of golf, cheat sheets, spreadsheets, soil biology, hollow tine recovery time, soft greens, new USGA recommendations, & more

Frank Rossi was on the cover of GCM Magazine after winning the GCSAA’s President’s Award for Environmental Stewardship.

The USGA has new Recommendations for a Method of Putting Green Construction.

King went for a run in the snow at Keya GC:

Jim Murphy wrote about rectangles of melting snow.

There is now a cheat sheet for MLSN.

Dan Cook wrote about sandwiches and our April conversations.

Benjamin Warren explained how caddies can help melt snow:

Chris Tritabaugh thought about naps.

When is the rainy season in Bangkok?

I made a new slide about fertilizer being worth all the attention you can give it.

Jason Haines shared his productivity files – “a list of the google spreadsheets that I have made that can help you track data and keep organized on your golf course.”

Jason also wrote about soil biology and clipping yield.

Kurt Wright showed some Microdochium patch:

And Oregon State Turf showed October to February developtment on one plot:

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Mark Hunt wrote about temperature-based recovery time from hollow coring.

Geoff Ogilvy explained what takes the fun out of golf.

Do this to make greens softer.

I shared this easy trick to get a quick estimate of nutrient use.

Albert Bancroft shows it’s all about melting the snow

I spoke about the grammar of greenkeeping in Vancouver.

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