Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: January 2018

Frost, turf Twitter analysis, fairway stripes, MLSN, why fertilize?, golf adaptation, traditions of golf course design, dollar spot models, turfgrass diseases, and much more

I did a turfgrass Twitter analysis.

The results are in a searchable and sortable Turf Twitter 2017 Shiny app.

Kevin Murdoch shared this stunning photo of Victoria GC and Mt. Baker.

A turfgrass instructor wrote, “I’ve been asked to give a seminar on MLSN.” This is was my reply.

Giles Morgan says – about golf – “never has a sport needed to adapt more. And now."

Joe Gulotti believes MLSN will save middle class golf.

Sam Thomas wrote in Golf Course Architecture about a return to the traditions of golf course design.

Craig Haldane showed recent mowing patterns from the Dubai Desert Classic:

Travis Shaddox says “evidence does not support the application of K in excess of a 2:1 N:K ratio to fairway bermudagrasses."

The USGA published their 2017 Green Section Record Compendium.

The NC State Turf Diagnostics Lab produced a fascinating annual review of turfgrass diagnostic samples.

Albert Bancroft showed partial covering of bentgrass greens in Japan. No frost delays!

Jason Haines asked “Why do we fertilize our grass?"

Jason also explained how the temperature-based growth potential can be used as a communication tool.

Henry Peters went to Royal Colombo.

I taught three workshops and made one presentation at BTME. All the slides and summaries are posted here.

The Smith-Kerns Dollar Spot Prediction Model is now included in the Greenkeeper app.

Idris Evans showed a different look of fairway striping:

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