Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: November 2017

Dew from fairways, Curvularia, groundwater, thatch, herd immunity, overseeding, social research and golf, the Adventures in Golf show went to Thailand, and more

Chris Chase shared a video of fairway dew removal:

Curvularia malina on bermudagrass in China.

New article about groundwater nutrient concentrations at Iowa golf courses.

Social research about golf: “the sport’s benefits to the community revealed”, on the R&A’s course management site.

Warm-season grass, autumn temperatures, and winter overseeding.

Palm Springs overseeding and the 2017 inflection date.

PACE Turf and Bill Kreuser point out that adding fertilizer in amounts the plant can use is the recommended way:

Paul Jansen has a new piece on the R&A website about Myanmar: a case study in affordability.

He also wrote about unconventional greenkeeping in Sri Lanka for BIGGA.

Jason Haines wrote about turfgrass disease and herd immunity.

Adventures in Golf went to Thailand:

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I wrote more about turf around the world.

Cumulative rain and bermudagrass quality.

Haines explained the approach he used to “cut my nitrogen rates in half without compromising turf quality, [and] I have seen reductions in turf diseases, thatch, required mowing, fuel use and labor.”

Minimalist turfgrass nutrition, described in eight steps.

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