Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: October 2017

Autumn fertilization, the most important application of the year? Good advice from Bill Kreuser about fertilizer in this season.

Adam Lawrence wrote about fairway width and maintenance:

Historical clipping data to look at how much the grass is growing.

Wayne Kussow died on October 7, and the TGIF shared this link to 359 of his articles.

Mark Hunt with a game changing story about Iprodione.

Banyan Golf Club in Thailand is looking great:

Slides and summaries for presentations at the Northwest GCSA Expo about Turf Around the World and Leaves of Grass.

Presentation videos from the ASHS conference.

Off-season work for the Pirates' grounds crew:

Article in Bizgolf about ATC and me.

MLSN guidelines and grow-in.

Royal Adelaide’s 7th in the sunshine:

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