New seminar section on the website

I will be adding more seminar “handouts” to this page.

There was a time when I habitually made seminar handouts as web pages.1 Then I stopped doing that.

From about 2015 I was posting seminar slides on my SpeakerDeck account. But I haven’t been doing that for a couple years, and I now generally make a video screencast of a presentation if I really want to share it.

I realize, however, that I often mention specific articles or videos or websites during my presentations, and it seems like that information can easily be provided on a web page for those in the audience who wish to have direct links to this type of material.

I’m going to try the web page thing again, and I have started a new /seminar/ section on the ATC website to host these “handout” pages.

I’ve also tried putting the QR code to the handout in the slides for these presentations.

  1. This was something I did for many of my seminars in 2013 to 2015. See for example the nutrient use handout for GCSAA, the Everything you need to know about turfgrass nutrition in 1 lecture handout from a guest lecture at Oregon State University, and Estimating turfgrass nutrient use from the Ontario Golf Superintendents Association. ↩︎

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