A non-comprehensive list of awesome turfgrass things other people did in 2018

Last year I made one of these lists for the first time. I’m sure I’ve missed lots of awesome things. If you’d like to add them, please do so in the comments.

  • And there was this stunning video from the Ryder Cup, highlighting the work of Alejandro Reyes and the team there:
  • When it comes to golf course photographs, Jonathan Wood shares a ton of great ones.
  • Jon Wall has one of the best Turf Twitter accounts. This is just a sample from scores of fine posts he made in 2018.

I’ve missed a lot, I’m sure. Feel free to add more awesome things in the comments. And here’s the non-comprehensive awesome list from last year. And this idea is based on Jeff Leek’s non-comprehensive awesome lists from Simply Statistics.

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