Playability, putting green disruption, and a note about scheduling and notifications

Chris Tritabaugh has been writing an extraordinarily interesting series of blog posts. The topic, broadly, is putting green management and putting green performance. That’s a big topic, obviously. Chris, on his blog, has been taking a route through it that describes what he’s been doing and what he’s been measuring. It turns out that what he’s been doing recently is different from what he did before. He starts the series with this:

The 2022 golf season will be my 16th season as a golf course superintendent and in total, my 28th season working on a golf course. In that time, my views on managing turf and how I go about doing so have changed a great deal.

I’ve been fascinated by the way Chris has been telling this story. So much so, in fact, that I asked him to join me in ATC Office Hours so we could talk about this topic.

You can also listen to our conversation in the ATC Office Hours podcast.

Now for a note about scheduling and notifications. We did this Office Hours with about 48 hours advance notice.

I have a perambulatory schedule for the foreseeable future, and will generally schedule the Office Hours on short notice. I’ve been relying on two primary methods for notifications. Expect that:

  1. there will be a scheduled event on YouTube, and if you subscribe to the ATC channel and enable notifications by clicking the bell, I think you’ll get some notification about the upcoming ATC Office Hours once it is scheduled.

  2. there will be an event created on the atc-turf Discord server.

I may or may not blog about upcoming events, and may or may not announce in advance on Twitter. I expect the YouTube and Discord ways will be the most reliable, for now.

That reminds me, I’ve got this list of the best ways to keep up with what I’m doing.

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