Remember this? Saving $150,000 in a year? I checked the results 8 months later

How things are going in the second year of using MLSN and GP

Do you remember the amazing story from Thomas Sedlmeier who wrote to me last November? He introduced himself, explained how he had started using MLSN and GP, informed me that the grass conditions were beautiful, and also shared some information about maintenance expenses.

“So all in all I had savings of about $150k this year, what was greatly appreciated by the management ;-). So I’m convinced by MLSN and GP…”

I wrote about that in more detail in this is one more post the financial controllers might not want to see.

I was wondering how things were going this year, so I wrote to Tom this afternoon:

I have been wondering how your results have been this season. Do you continue to get excellent results? Do you save costs and make your work easier even more? Any problems?

He wrote right back, with a photo attached, and had this to say:

Yes I still have excellent results and am still working with Growth Potential and MLSN … So I using still much less fertilizer as before and also the fungicide use dropped a lot. The hardest is sometimes to convince yourself that your grass is sufficient supplied by nutrients and doesn’t need anything, because it’s so few than before.

Attached a picture of my putting green, I took a couple of weeks ago.

Photo by Thomas Sedlmeier
Photo by Thomas Sedlmeier

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