Roots on grass kept deficient in P and K

Regular readers of this site will remember the grow-in experiment I started on 1 October 2019. I wrote about it in these posts.

Grasses were planted in coconut coir as 3 cm diameter plugs, and then were fertilized with N only; with N, P, and K; and with N, P, and K plus dolomite (Ca + Mg + a higher pH).

Yesterday, 184 days after planting, I took a look at the roots.

sequence of photos showing greens-type manilagrass fertilized with N

This greens-type manilagrass, fertilized only with N for 6 months, still managed to almost completely cover the pot surface area. And underground, there is an extensive rhizome and root system.

greens-type manilagrass Greens-type manilagrass grown from a 3 cm diameter plug and fertilized with N only for 6 months.

This grass looks pretty healthy for being deficient in P and K. And of course, no calcium was added to this pot either.