My frustration in not being able to increase our green speed

A correspondent wrote to ask about the ever popular topic of Si and green speed:

Pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but I had a conversation with our rep from […] fertilizer company about my frustration in not being able to increase our green speed […]. So he suggested applying a fertilizer that contains silicon and higher potassium and offered the following explanation (translated by my assistant):

“First of all, improving the rigidity characteristics of grass. Due to the silicon can be deposited into epidermal cell wall, which can increase the mechanical strength of grass stems, thus making the plant strong enough. In addition, enhancing the plant’s photosynthesis. Its mechanism is that potassium and silicon can be deposited into the epidermal cell wall, which makes the angle between stem and leaves become smaller, improving the plant’s photo potential as well as increasing the ability of light capture and utilization.”

Does this make sense to you, and, more importantly, do you agree with this as a possible solution for the intended purpose?

No to both.

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Micah Woods
Micah Woods

Scientist, author, consultant, and founder of the Asian Turfgrass Center