So many things to learn about in this world

read more about the Park Grass Experiment in Silvertown et al. (2006)

Yesterday I saw that Erwan Le Cocq was interested in reading scientific articles and was welcoming recommendations. I remembered that I had put together this eclectic reference list to include in my Turfgrass Science and Greenkeeping book. Articles and reports I’ve written are available at the ATC Library.

Erwan wrote back that the articles he’d like to read don’t need to be related to greenkeeping, because there is so much to learn about in the world. That got me thinking about some of the articles I’ve enjoyed that are not directly about grass and greenkeeping.

Here are eleven articles, in no particular order, that specifically are not about greenkeeping. The information in them, however, can still be applied to turfgrass management and research. Plus, it is fascinating to learn about these things.

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