Some surprising results

Chris Tritabaugh has completed his series of blog posts about playability, organic matter management, change, and consistency, with one titled What we do. The series started with Is that disruption?

I recommend reading these because they describe some surprising results. For example:

On May 2nd, we applied … 0.6 mm of topdressing sand. … This would be the last topdressing sand applied to the greens until the course closed in November 2022.

2022 was the third straight summer in which we have applied no, what I would call, regularly scheduled topdressing. I believe it is not a coincidence that during this period, we have experienced zero summer decline.

it may be natural to think the way we have been maintaining the putting greens may work for a season, or two, but it cannot be sustainable over the long term. I myself would have thought the same, not more than five years ago. It turns out by measuring playability and keeping abreast of any change in the OM at the 0–2 cm depth, we can find a sweet spot and know exactly what maintenance practices are and are not necessary.

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