A stimpmeter love story

Chris Tritabaugh wrote about his use (and former disuse) of the stimpmeter

This story by Chris Tritabaugh starts with ambivalence about the stimpmeter, then goes on to explain what changed. These are the key results, with emphasis mine:

Since I started stimping our greens every day, I cannot remember a complaint about greenspeed. They are consistent from green to green and they are consistent from day to day. It has also allowed us to dial in our practices to get the ideal speed for the conditions. We have also been able to gain true knowledge of how various practices impact greenspeed. I would even say our greens are faster, with less effort than they were before daily stimp measurements.

Click to read the entire Stimpmeter, A Love Story.

It also includes the method Chris uses and “a list of the things I’ve learned by stimping multiple greens every day.”

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