Talking Turf on Pullin' Weeds

In a recent episode of the Pullin’ Weeds podcast, I answered a bevy of hard-hitting questions from host Tim Kreger:

What’s my favorite grass? Can MLSN be applied to automobile maintenance? How many species of insects have I eaten? Is clipping volume related to mass or to depth?

We also discussed the travels that brought me to South Carolina, and I told some stories about how I ended up doing what I do.

In the introduction, James Huntoon and Allen Knight mentioned our round of golf at Charleston Municipal Golf Course.

I made one birdie---my first on bermudagrass surfaces in 2022---during the round. **Photo by James Huntoon**.
I made one birdie—my first on bermudagrass surfaces in 2022—during the round. Photo by James Huntoon.

On a day with challenging weather conditions, and on such a difficult golf course, I was happy to make a birdie. The hole locations were tucked into corners, the new greens were firm, and missing on the short side was almost a certain bogey.

If you enjoy listening to turfgrass podcasts, I’ve got two of my own where I explain, discuss, and debate the turfgrass issues of our time: The ATC Doublecut with Micah Woods and ATC Office Hours.

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