The GP Avatar app is updated

The temperature-based turfgrass growth potential (GP) is a utility function that rescales the temperatures that the grass is growing in. Rather than the temperature scale, the GP is a unitless scale from 0 to 1 (or from 0 to 100%) that expresses how close the average air temperature is to the optimum temperature for shoot growth.

The GP Avatar app has two tabs that allow you to generate a downloadable avatar with annual cool-season and warm-season grass GP curves for any location.

Within the app, you’ll see at top left “GP avatar by USA zip code.” The app has built-in weather normals for most zip codes in the USA. If you’d like to use other data, or are outside the USA, navigate to the other tab, labeled “Enter your climate data,” and input average monthly air temperatures using either the Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scale.

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