This is the time of year for ...

the most important fertilizer application of the year. Or is it?

There are lots of articles and blog posts at this time of year about fall fertilization and dormant fertilizer applications and keeping turf supplied with plenty of potassium too.

I don’t think there is anything magic about fertilizer applications at this time of year. That one can add nitrogen (N), and then see greener turf and more vigorous turf at some time in the future should not be a surprise to anyone. What I like to do, at all times of the year, is think of supplying to the turf the approximate quantity of N and other nutrients that the grass can use.

So I was pleased to read this recent Turf iNfo. Under the heading of Fertilization, it says:

The season is coming to a close. Cooler temperatures and reduced transpiration will reduce nitrogen uptake. Switch to mainly soluble fertilizers and avoid slow release products. Highly maintained turf that is spoon-fed should remain on a spoon-feeding program until growth ceases. Avoid large amounts of potassium fertilizer.

That sounds pretty reasonable, doesn’t it?

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