Three recent conversations

This is a friendly reminder that the information here can be obtained automatically by RSS or email every time there is an update, and then can be read or deleted at one’s leisure. If you are reading now, you likely already know this. I’m sending out another reminder, for those who don’t know about this automation.

I make this reminder because in the past month I had three separate conversations with colleagues in which we discussed topics I mistakenly thought they would have been aware of.

Conversation 1

I was talking with a turf scientist who didn’t know about the MLSN preprint. We (me, Wendy Gelernter, and Larry Stowell) have written a preprint about the MLSN guidelines. We’ve also shared all the code we used to make the calculations, and we’ve put the data in the public domain. We recommend citing the preprint rather than the abstract from the defunct Applied Turfgrass Science journal. This webpage has direct links to the preprint, the code, and the data.

Conversation 2

I’m collaborating on a project in central Thailand, and one aspect of that involves the timing of the rainy season. I spoke with my collaborator and he hadn’t seen this about when it usually rains in Bangkok.

Conversation 3

I spoke with a golf course superintendent who measures clipping volume from putting greens. “I was glad to see a new service with data input in units of L/100 m2,” he told me. “Did you see my recent post about units of mL/m2?” I asked. He hadn’t.

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