Turf stories as Twitter Moments

I’ve gathered some collections of tweets into moments for easy viewing in sequence. I previously arranged these on Storify, but that service has shut down. Here’s a quick description of these moments.

Most important time of day for sun to reach turf

I use a full year of weather data (on 10 minute intervals!) to explain the connection between air temperature and photosynthetically active radiation. This is related to my hypothesis about the most important time for sun to fall on turfgrass.

Soil temperature and soil water content

I’ve thought, perhaps mistakenly, that a soil with less water (lower VWC) would cool down more at night than would that same soil containing more water.

I describe how I downloaded a year of hourly observations and found that the soil temperature didn’t change in the way that I expected.

What’s the irrigation water requirement?

The irrigation water requirement for a location is a number, a depth (or volume) of water expected to be required to produce a certain level of turfgrass performance given the site and climate.

There are different ways to calculate the irrigation water requirement, and I describe in this moment why the daily soil water balance method returns a number that I trust. If you would like to try this out for yourself, I also have a couple of Shiny apps, such as this one, that show how the irrigation requirement changes based on changes such as rootzone depth, distribution uniformity, and what I call irrigation rules.

Top 25 turfgrass tweets of the 2016 Ryder Cup

Immediately after the Ryder Cup, I counted the “likes” on 4,098 tweets about the turfgrass maintenance for the event. Specifically, these were tweets about or by the course superintendent Chris Tritabaugh. The moment puts together the 25 with the most “likes” at the time I made the count. More details about that here.

BCSR quotes

In August 2016, Travis Shaddox sent a stream of tweets with quotes from all kinds of publications about the base cation saturation ratio—BCSR. I put these tweets together into one moment. Read through these and I don’t think you’ll want to use that method of soil test interpretation.

Measuring #ClipVol at KBC Augusta

Measuring grass growth by taking a quick and routine measurement of clipping volume, or #ClipVol, is a useful technique. This moment brings together a series of tweets describing how this was done at the 2016 KBC Augusta tournament in Japan.

John Kaminski has put together a few moments too. Do you know any other good turfgrass stories told or archived this way? This seems like it could be a useful way to organize the best tweets from a particular event, or to describe a particular project or maintenance practice.

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