Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: April 2018

View from the 9th tee at Banyan GC (now Pineapple Valley Golf Club Hua Hin) in Thailand

Is reactive greenkeeping better than proactive?

Martin Till explained how excess phosphorus will ruin your water.

Dan Gardner showed a photo comparison from five years of thatch management:

Terri Billeisen showed how to sample for turf insects with soapy water:

Wendell Hutchens wrote about fairy ring on the NC State Turfgrass Pathology blog.

I re-introduced a list of five articles every greenkeeper should read.

Yoenis Cespedes diagnoses himself with a golf deficiency.

I describe three recent conversations, about MLSN, Bangkok’s rainy season, and measurement of clipping volume.

Paul Jansen showed the train that bisects the first 9 holes at Royal Colombo GC:

The move to mobile, at least as far as the ATC website is concerned, appears to be stabilizing.

My TurfNet webinar about measuring clipping volume is viewable as a video here.

Paul Van Buren showed a technique for dealing with hydrophobic areas:

Is morning sun the most important for turf? I moved an explanation from Storify to this Twitter moment.

I explain how fertilizer decisions based on tissue testing are like adjusting the way one drives based on yesterday’s gas mileage.

Bill Kreuser with an update about GDD scheduling of PGRs on greens:

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