Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: July 2018

Time capsules, danger, self doubt, fertilizer, soil tests, zoysia, temperature, soccer, Poa, and much more

Two ways to make fertilizer recommendations.

Turfgrass fertiliser recommendations with or without soil tests: screencast video.

Allan Dewald, danger, mid-July sales pitches, and self doubt:

Mike Besa wrote about Canlubang GC, says golf there is “like entering a time capsule."

Putting green firmness, organic matter management, and torrential rain. How does that combination work?.

Sodium, salt, and salinity don’t need to be complicated.

Maggie Reiter shared this grid map:

There was less brown patch in a fescue-zoysia polystand than in a fescue monostand.

Zoysia and temperature: where is it most likely to fail, or more likely to work?

“The Greenkeepers” short from The Open:

Grant Moir showed fairway mowing details:

Golf Australia released their Golf Club Participation Report.

The NY Times wrote about soccer tournaments at Tuckahoe Turf Farms.

The Daily Mail put together this slideshow of the most amazing football pitch locations in the world.

Grass and soil for sports turf in Thailand.

Jim Brosnan wrote about Preparing for Poa.

Managing turfgrass diseases in Asia with minimal inputs.

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