Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: September 2016

Here’s a roundup of articles and links from the past month

Roots of manilagrass after application of fast-release fertilizer.

In this month’s roundup: fertilizer, roots, golf in Japan, identifying a turf disease, the Ryder Cup, putting green performance, and much more.

What’s the probability of a positive response to fertilizer application?

Sue Crawford reports on a #MLSN trial green:

Golf with two greens on each hole.

Lawn fertilizer calculator from University of Missouri.

Eric Reasor shared this tip on scouting for offtype grasses:

Fast release fertilizer, burn, and root growth.

Andrew McDaniel shared photos of pre-Ryder Cup preparations:

Measuring ball roll dispersion on putting greens.

Andrew Kniss on the environmental impact quotient (EIQ). It’s not better than nothing.

Thailand putting green performance.

Paul Jansen on the Japanese golf experience.

A new Shiny app with the temperature and sunshine combination for 11 cities in Japan.

Chris Tritabaugh from the 1st tee at Hazeltine:

The turfgrass disease called dog’s footprint.

Documenting more preparations for the Ryder Cup:

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