Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: September 2018

Pre- and post-typhoon, mental health, golf and health, amino acids, #MLSN, #ClipVol, podcasts, topdressing zen, Ryder Cup greenkeeping team, turfgrass nomenclature, bouncing mowers, surrogate markers, fall fertilizer, and a lot more

There was a longish discussion about amino acids and marketing to educated turf pros.

I wrote about the analogy of airplane fuel requirements related to soil test calcium and MLSN.

Chris Chase took some pre-typhoon pictures:

Jason Haines wrote about rain and turf growth. I made some calculations related to nitrogen, rain, and starting point estimates.

The Walking Greenkeeper, Joe Gulotti, started his The Talking Greenkeeper podcast.

Martin Nilsson showed “the maximum in funny looking golf course”:

The Sodfathers started podcasting too. This is from “a couple of turf students with a new podcast coming with a comedic take on the green industry.”

Dave Wilber and Kevin Ross had a Turfhead Jam Session.

I wrote about shopping for golf magazines at 4 a.m., and explained how this particular shopping excursion relates to data about putting surface performance over 6 years.

Bobby Wolverton took a picture of topdressing zen:

Video of my presentation about managing turfgrass diseases in Asia with minimal input.

I wrote about rituals, surrogate markers, and turf performance outcomes. This is about chasing one’s tail, or getting results. Not all measurements are useful.

10 different ways to get info from ATC.

A 12 point checklist for creeping bentgrass heat stress.

Sue Crawford showed post-summer #MLSN results:

Our morning discussion topics at the 2016 Ryder Cup.

Is it turf grass, or turfgrass?

Doug Soldat taught this webinar on TurfNet about fall fertilization.

Aaron Patton explained why it is bermudagrass and not Bermuda grass or bermuda-grass:

“Hell, I did that 30 years ago,” said Kevin Ross about measuring clipping volume.

MLSN for leaf tissue

Bouncing mowers from Jon Wall:

Severe typhoon damage at Shek O in Hong Kong:

New from Joshi et al.: “74% of [survey] respondents were willing to pay an additional premium for a higher quality turfgrass on the golf course fairways”

Murray et al. wrote an international consensus statement on golf and health. You can read it in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Jared Stanek showed what overseeding looks like when the water comes on.

Alejandro Reyes and the Ryder Cup greenkeeping team, from Jacobsen Turf:

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