Soil tests

We provide soil testing services for clients around the world through Brookside Labs, and have an active research program in the area of turfgrass nutrition, soil and plant analysis, and sampling methods.


Measuring the growth rate by clipping volume. Really.


My books about greenkeeping, turfgrass science, clipping volume, and MLSN.


Minimum levels for sustainable nutrition—MLSN—is a modern method for interpreting soil tests for turfgrass.

Global Soil Survey

A project that investigated soil nutrient levels of good-performing turf all over the world.


Measure exact topdressing effect, and requirement, by checking total organic matter by depth.

Grammar of Greenkeeping

I’ve made some movies with my friends to explain how the grammar of greenkeeping works. You may enjoy watching.


I’ve been doing some teaching, or demonstrating, how I use R software for data analysis in turf-related matters. See the full list of rturf posts. The initial project is about stimpmeter measurements and ClipVol.

Shiny Apps

Web applications for `R` that make calculations or show data.

Turf Twitter

Analyzing the tweets and the accounts of the turf industry on Twitter.