New technologies, ethics, and money

Dr. Carrow gets right to the point in the very first sentence of his classic article about new technologies and ethical purchasing, writing that “staying on the cutting edge … requires integrating new products and technologies.

Asking the right questions

Here’s another interesting article I came across recently. Dr. Carrow wrote an article in the October 1993 issue of GCM with the title Eight questions to ask: evaluating soil and turf conditioners.

Quacks and Suckers

A couple weeks ago I was preparing for a seminar in which I discussed Charles Vancouver Piper and the early days of turfgrass science in the United States. I recalled—or quite possibly I misremembered, as I haven’t been able to find it yet—having read some years ago something by Piper about nostrums.

I forgot this one too

When I put together a list of articles that are not about greenkeeping, I forgot a couple that I really should have put on that initial list. One of those is Grime’s article about three primary strategies in plants.

New article in GCM about MLSN

Jack Fry has written about MLSN in his what’s the big idea? column. You can find this in the October 2019 issue of Golf Course Management magazine. Fry wrote: “The MLSN model fits well into the low-input strategy that many golf course superintendents have developed to help maintenance costs fit the operating budget.

New article with a straightforward discussion of clipping volume

The Michigan GCSA’s Spring issue of “Course Conditions” is now out, and it includes a 5 page feature article that I called Measuring clipping volume is easier and more useful than I expected.

The SportsTurf Interview: Dr. Micah Woods

The May 2019 issue of SportsTurf magazine has an interview with me. You can read it online or as a PDF.

The ATC Turfgrass Library

The 2006 to 2016 era ATC website always had a library or turf info page where I made a number of articles and reference documents available for download. With this current website, I didn’t have something quite like that, so today I made one.

"You have been featured - Golf Digest India May 2018"

The India Golf Expo was held in Bangalore last month, and I was there to speak at the R&A seminar on sustainable golf course renovation and maintenance in India.

The September cover article in Bizgolf about turf, me, and ATC

I spoke with Aman Misra in August for an article he was writing for Bizgolf magazine. That article made it onto the cover, as “The ‘other’ Woods.” You can browse the entire issue here, or download the article as a pdf here.