Asking the right questions

Here’s another interesting article I came across recently. Dr. Carrow wrote an article in the October 1993 issue of GCM with the title Eight questions to ask: evaluating soil and turf conditioners.

Do you need to add beneficial microbes to the soil to make it function properly?

A correspondent wrote with a question about soil biology for controlling organics, adding compost tea to feed beneficial bacteria, and etc. There are two articles that I recommend as an introduction to this topic, both by David Zuberer.

Relative to their own requirements, animals and microbes live in a carbon-rich, nitrogen-poor world

I came across an interesting example as I was reading the ‘Internal Structure’ chapter in Joshua Schimel’s Writing Science. The example is a quotation from Nitrogen and Nature by Vitousek et al.

Is carbon "the next frontier in fertilization?"

There is an interesting article about carbon by Bryan G. and Tyler J. Hopkins in the latest issue of Crops & Soils magazine. Here’s a quick summary, put together with a series of quotes from the article.

Do the MLSN guidelines use 17 essential nutrients?

“Do the MLSN guidelines use 17 essential nutrients? I’ve found a couple good articles,” my friend wrote, “but I couldn’t really find a number on the MLSN website.” “That’s an interesting question,” I replied, “and I may answer it on my blog.

An MLSN Refresher

Not everyone understands how the MLSN guidelines work. I saw a photo shared by Andrew McDaniel followed by a number of replies from STSAsia exhibiting confusion on the latter’s part about the use of the MLSN guidelines.