Measuring the growth rate by clipping volume. Really.


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Temperature, seasonal changes in growth, and figuring out the optimum amount of growth

This can seem a bit abstract, the whole growth ratio thing. In this post, I go step-by-step through the reasoning behind this, and explain exactly which problem this solves. There’s a common question that people have when they start measuring the exact amount of clipping volume.

Looking at the clipping volume growth ratio

A question came up about optimum clipping volume and whether that quantity of clippings changes by season. That amount must change for any location at which there are seasonal changes in the weather.

Cranking up the volume

There is a comprehensive explanation of clipping volume in Golf Course Management. I knew this would be good, because Chris Tritabaugh is an accomplished writer. His years of experience using and thinking about ClipVol show in the article.

N input accounting

Phil Collinson asked an interesting question: when calculating N inputs, do greenkeepers account for N added outside of fertilizer? Greenkeepers - when calculating N inputs for the year do you account for N outside of fert?

Flying Blind: the episode you've been waiting for

You’ve seen the trailer and heard the bleeps. Now, you can watch the full episode. This is “Flying Blind”, Episode 3 in Season 1 of my Grammar of Greenkeeping show.

Thai GCSA seminar: improving playing conditions and optimizing work efficiency

Today I gave a seminar at the Thai GCSA meeting. Photo by Boy Yothin These are the slides in Thai. And these are the slides in English.

The Flying Blind trailer: 8 things to know, measure, and adjust

Filming is complete for episode 3 of ATC’s Grammar of Greenkeeping show and the trailer came out today. This film had been scheduled to debut at an AGIF webinar this month.

7 things I've learned about turfgrass around the world

The day has finally arrived! I had a great time making this movie. I’ve been fortunate to have many friends around the world who have taught me a lot, and I spoke with some of them in this video.