Of conventional mowers, electric mowers, and electricity generation

Yesterday I responded to two questions related to carbon emissions associated with electricity generation. This was part of a broader discussion started by Jason Haines about small electric autonomous mowers.

Autonomous mower at 12 mm produced higher quality turf, increased shoot density, and reduced energy use compared to a conventional reel mower

Jason Haines has written recently about The future of robot mowers today and I recommend having a read of that post for more insight, and some videos of these types of machines.

"Never has a sport needed to adapt more"

In the latest World Golf Report, I came across a link to Giles Morgan’s post on Sport – it’s all about Darwinning. This was a broad discussion of sports thriving – or not.

Conventional nutrient guidelines: explaining what I mean by "broken"

This is no secret among turfgrass scientists—there isn’t a lot of good justification to support what we call conventional guidelines for soil nutrients in turfgrass. And by that, I mean the conventional guidelines are broken.

Hitting all of our goals

This is an extraordinarily good video about grasses, mowing, construction, irrigation, soils, playability, maintenance cost, and more. If you are interested in these topics, watch this interview with Don Mahaffey.

3 reasons sheep are better than cows for mowing fairways

The 1st at Ootacamund Gymkhana Club (founded 1896) is strikingly reminiscent of the 10th at Augusta National. This long dogleg left plays steeply downhill in a wide corridor between tall evergreen trees.