The solution to an irrigation water salinity problem is more of that same water

This photo illustrates two things about salinity problems. First, the salinity stress is most evident in the low areas, because the salts drain with the water. Second—and this one can be counterintuitive at first—the solution to an irrigation water salinity problem is to add even more1 of that “bad” water as irrigation.

Pitch performance workshop in Bangkok

I participated in a pitch performance workshop put on by the Football Association of Thailand and the Thai League. John Ledwidge answers a question during the FA Thailand & Thai League’s Pitch Performance Workshop on August 5.

Can you spot the grass that did not get enough water?

One of the most interesting articles I read last year was Drought responses of above-ground and below-ground characteristics in warm-season turfgrass by Zhang et al. That article describes the drought response after 3 weeks with irrigation withheld:

Flights and favorite turf photos of 2018

As I say at the end of every year, it was another extraordinary year for studying grass around the world. In 2018 I took 107 flights for a total distance of 314,748 km (195,575 miles).

Paspalum and manilagrass lawns

I noticed something interesting on the lawn of a resort at Ko Kood earlier this month. Looking down from the “Beware of falling coconuts” signs, I noticed that the southern section of lawn was primarily seashore paspalum, and that section of lawn was infested with a variety of weeds.

Presentation videos from the 2017 ASHS conference

I received this note from the ASHS last week: Conference Recordings are now available All sessions that were audio recorded during the conference are now available for listening.

The growth, nutrient use, and water use of 3 grasses in central Thailand

There are a variety of grasses used for lawns and sports turf in central Thailand. I gave a presentation last week at the American Society for Horticultural Science annual meeting about the growth of three of those grasses:

Remember this? Saving $150,000 in a year? I checked the results 8 months later

Do you remember the amazing story from Thomas Sedlmeier who wrote to me last November? He introduced himself, explained how he had started using MLSN and GP, informed me that the grass conditions were beautiful, and also shared some information about maintenance expenses.

Bangkok is a long way from Knoxville

When Eric Reasor flew from Tennessee to Thailand, he brought along measuring tools to assess how golf balls roll across putting greens. He visited 22 golf courses in 5 days.

Silica and Green Speed

This is something that has never made sense to me. Actually, it seems ridiculous. Zoysia greens are not renowned for being especially fast. But zoysia has especially high silica content in the leaves.