Catching up with my reading

A friend sent me a link to the Business Mirror’s Golf Section and said I should check it out. I just did that, and found a picture of myself above a report about Nutranta’s Best Practices seminar.

Quick screencast of my continuous improvement system presentation

I’ve recorded a quick video to describe the presentation I delivered at Nutranta’s Best Practices seminar last week. I spoke about a continuous improvement system for turfgrass. In the presentation, I mentioned the article A Year of Measuring Putting Green Performance by Chris Hartwiger.

A continuous improvement system for turfgrass

I’ll be at Nutranta’s Best Practices seminar on 20 November to talk about soil nutrient and soil organic matter testing. I’m not sure the exact title I’ll use, maybe Turf nutrition and soil organic matter: continuous improvement through testing or A system to get better conditions year after year or The inevitable consequences of regular rootzone measurements.

Nutranta seminar at Manila Southwoods

Yesterday I spoke with a group of turfgrass managers in the Philippines at the Nutranta Turf Science in Action seminar. I talked about plant growth regulator (PGR) use in a tropical environment and what to expect when using PGRs—especially trinexapac-ethyl—in the Philippines.

Flights and favorite turf photos of 2017

As I say at the end of every year, it has been another extraordinary year for studying grass around the world. See these links for some of my favorite photos (and flight maps) from 2015 and 2016.