Turf Twitter

Analyzing the tweets and the accounts of the turf industry on Twitter.

A global DLI app

I made a Global DLI app to generate summary charts of DLI for anywhere in the world. This app uses the nasapower R package to get satellite data from the NASA POWER Agroclimatology dataset.

Ten posts no one read in 2020

I’m never quite sure what topics people will read. Sometimes topics that I think people will read end up with few pageviews. That’s often because the topic is not very interesting.

ATC newsletter survey results: future video topics

In the last ATC update newsletter I included a survey about future video topics. These are the results. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! A topic that has been on my mind and that I want to explain further is N fertilizer and ClipVol.

An analysis of turfgrass industry Twitter accounts in 2020

I’ve repeated an analysis of tweets and accounts from another year in the turf industry. Last week I shared some overall results and category-specific rankings. I've repeated the #TurfTwitter analysis for 2020 and put the results in a searchable and sortable Shiny app.

The top 10 posts of 2020

These posts had the most views in 2020. Here they are, on all kinds of topics. [1] February, Soil organic matter: a bullet list, summarizing key points related to its measurement and its management at the soil surface.

Eleven years of website visits by device type

I first took a close look at this in early 2015, when I made some changes to the website so it would display better on mobile screens. At that time, 39% of the visits to the ATC websites were from mobile devices (phones), 49% were still coming from computers, and tablets were at a bit of a peak—12% of the visits were on tablets.

Updated K calculator

I made a few small updates to the MLSN K calculator. This was the first Shiny app I made, back in 2014. You can see all of them—the Turf Twitter ones, the Hargreaves ET calculator, irrigation requirement demos, PACE Turf’s GP avatar generator, and more, at the ATC Shiny apps page.

Ranking Turf Twitter in 2019

I recently completed an analysis of Turf Twitter in 2019, with the searchable results in this Shiny app. Based on the number of followers, mentions of the account, the favorites and retweets and quotes of that accounts' tweets, and the number of tweets sent from the account, these are the top 50 “influential” accounts for 2019:

Ten posts no one read in 2019

The median blog post on this site in 2019 got 244 views. And there were a few up around 1,000 to 2,000 views. There were these top 10 that everyone read.