Presentation videos from the 2017 ASHS conference

My presentation was about three grasses in central Thailand

I received this note from the ASHS last week: Conference Recordings are now available All sessions that were audio recorded during the conference are now available for listening. Click here to access the recordings. I gave a presentation about research conducted with Rujira Deewatthanawong and Supavadee Chanapan at the Thailand... [Read More]
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Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: September 2017

Bill Kreuser wrote about the nuance of growing degree day calculations. Chris Tritabaugh explained three ways they’ve worked to optimize the golf course. Andrew McDaniel shared a video of sod harvesting in Japan: 1/2 Visited 1 of the top turf producers in Japan. How does your supplier do it? #local... [Read More]
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