Turfgrass at a Tourism Convention

My presentation is about playing conditions on Thailand's golf courses

I’ll be speaking at the Thailand Golf Travel Mart in Khao Yai next week as part of the Thailand Golf Paradise seminar about course design, renovation, maintenance, and operations. These are the slides for my presentation about the best playing conditions with the fewest inputs. This is a tourism convention,... [Read More]
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New RSS feed and blog subscription by e-mail

You may have noticed that new blog posts are at www.asianturfgrass.com. The 841 posts from the old blog remain at www.blog.asianturfgrass.com. If you were subscribed to the old blog by RSS feed or e-mail, the feeds have changed. This is the new RSS feed for this site. And I made... [Read More]

Green speed joyplot and the work to produce these conditions

More about the ease of producing green speeds by species

First, here are data from 867 measurements I’ve made from 2011 to 2016 excluding all tournament measurements. Table 1: Number of measurements and median green speed in feet, by species. Data from 867 stimpmeter readings by Micah Woods excluding tournament measurements. species n median bent 270 9.0 bent-poa 18 11.0... [Read More]
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"My frustration in not being able to increase our green speed"

A correspondent wrote to ask about the ever popular topic of Si and green speed: Pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but I had a conversation with our rep from […] fertilizer company about my frustration in not being able to increase our green speed […]. So... [Read More]
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