"I am curious about your stance on nutrients in irrigation water ..."

"Do you find that these nutrients contribute anything to the soil? Is this over analyzing?"

A correspondent wrote with these inquiries: “I am curious about your stance on nutrients in irrigation water. For example let’s say the irrigation source has 60.6 PPM or 13.76 lb/A/in Calcium. Would you consider irrigation cycles in your nutrient totals for the year? Is it correct to assume that 10... [Read More]
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Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: November 2017

Dew from fairways, Curvularia, groundwater, thatch, herd immunity, overseeding, social research and golf, the Adventures in Golf show went to Thailand, and more

Chris Chase shared a video of fairway dew removal: Dew removal on fairways prior to morning play at the Sanya Ladies Open pic.twitter.com/Gfra0f3Jd5— Christopher Chase (@HKChase) November 18, 2017 Curvularia malina on bermudagrass in China. New article about groundwater nutrient concentrations at Iowa golf courses. Andrew Dalton showed pictures of... [Read More]
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Is the MLSN value the average?

Matt Nelson asked about this in a recent seminar. I was explaining that conventional nutrient guidelines, as described in this article by Carrow et al., classify soils as low, medium or high. From the article, these are the definitions. Low range: a high probability (80-100%) that applying the element will... [Read More]
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Representing the distribution of a lot of numbers

Last month I gave a seminar about the Global Soil Survey (GSS). Soil tests generate a lot of numbers. The GSS, as a collection of soil tests from a lot of sites, is a lot of numbers. What is a good way to represent those numbers, in summary, for rapid... [Read More]
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Minimalist turfgrass nutrition

That’s the title of my seminar today at the Alberta Property Manager’s Conference. Minimalist is not a word I would often use, but when I looked at the conference program, that was the title I saw. Rather than requesting a change, I decided to talk about it, and explain why... [Read More]
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