"Never has a sport needed to adapt more"

In the latest World Golf Report, I came across a link to Giles Morgan’s post on Sport – it’s all about Darwinning. This was a broad discussion of sports thriving – or not. Morgan had this to say about golf: “For 12 years in my former role at HSBC, I... [Read More]
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I've been asked to give a seminar on MLSN guidelines

This inquiry came to my inbox: “I’ve been asked to give a seminar on MLSN guidelines for the [ ]. I intend to keep the explanation fairly simple. Are there any frequently asked questions that you have encountered that I could use in my presentations to help me make sure... [Read More]
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Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: December 2017

Drought, potassium, seaweed extracts, year-end lists and reviews, unique golf courses in Asia, nutrients in irrigation, topdressing in Japan, and more

Beth Guertal wrote about potassium and drought stress. If one has a lot of numbers, what’s an easy way to summarize them? Paul Jansen wrote an article and photo essay of 11 distinctive golf courses in southern Asia. I answered a question about MLSN: is it the average? What about... [Read More]
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Turfgrass Twitter Analysis

I used the rtweet package to collect turfgrass community tweets from 2017. I had learned of this package from Bob Rudis’ blog post about rtweet. At the end of the year, I had a bit of time, and a lot of curiosity, so I finally tried it. I wondered if... [Read More]
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The top 10 posts of 2017

These posts from 2017 had the most pageviews this year. Here they are, counting down from ten to one. [10] June, How much N is in rain and snow? One hears all kinds of numbers. I was surprised to learn these data are regularly measured. There is no need to... [Read More]
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