Javagrass lawns in Bangkok

This is an interesting story about a common grass that rarely appears in a lawn as just a single species – as a monostand. But at an especially high profile location in Bangkok, the lawns are almost pure javagrass (Polytrias indica). The Grand Palace is the only place I’ve seen... [Read More]
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Leaves of grass

I’ve recorded the narrative for another set of presentation slides. These are the slides I used for my presentation on this topic in Moncton last month. The audio I recorded today – this is what I talked about during that presentation. Leaves of Grass: applications and implications of clipping volume... [Read More]
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"I really wish that I could hear this presentation"

That’s what Jon Scott wrote to me on October 7, 2014, after I shared the slides from my shade talk at the Northwest Turfgrass Association conference. We’ve been having a back and forth about this ever since. Some elaboration at the end of this post. I finally recorded some audio... [Read More]
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Looking at times and words from ten thousand tweets

A few years ago I saw Julia Silge’s post on Ten Thousand Tweets. I thought that was an interesting analysis, and I made a note to do a similar analysis once I had sent 10,000 tweets. That happened recently, and when it did I downloaded my Twitter archive. After extracting... [Read More]
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Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: February 2018

Microdochium, snow and melting it, naps, sandwiches, taking fun out of golf, cheat sheets, spreadsheets, soil biology, hollow tine recovery time, soft greens, new USGA recommendations, & more

Frank Rossi was on the cover of GCM Magazine after winning the GCSAA’s President’s Award for Environmental Stewardship. The USGA has new Recommendations for a Method of Putting Green Construction. King went for a run in the snow at Keya GC: King had fun today! But hopefully we are back... [Read More]
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