"Positive comments from the players which is really what counts"

I received this email from Zachary LaPorte, and I share it here for two reasons. First, he’s expressed a number of things related to the measurement of #ClipVol that I have heard from many turfgrass managers who’ve implemented this technique. These observations are of general interest and he’s expressed them... [Read More]

Creeping bentgrass nutrient use in summer

In the ATC update sent earlier this week—subscribe here if you’d like to get on this list—I mentioned that one of the highlights of my year so far was the Royal Turf Family Seminar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Mr. Hanzawa, the president of Royal Turf Company, had the presentations... [Read More]

The ATC Turfgrass Library

The 2006 to 2016 era ATC website always had a library or turf info page where I made a number of articles and reference documents available for download. With this current website, I didn’t have something quite like that, so today I made one. You can find it here, with... [Read More]