How MLSN works

The recording of my seminar about “How MLSN Works” is now available on YouTube. I want to correct something. At the very end, I misstated that irrigation water normally has 20 to 60 ppm (mg/L) potassium. That’s incorrect. Potassium is normally 5 to 20 ppm, according to Penn State’s irrigation... [Read More]

MLSN and salinity

When this question arrived, I thought I could respond by showing a blog post I’d written in the past with the answer. “What kind of adjustments would you recommend to do when trying to use the MLSN on a Calcareous sand green profile and irrigation with water saline water with... [Read More]

Four more sources for MLSN information

In my recent “How MLSN Works” seminar—slides here—I mentioned some other ways to learn more about MLSN. The four items I recommended are: The Humbug movie which explains MLSN and includes discussions with turfgrass managers who have used it. The MLSN cheat sheet, 2 information-packed pages with all the details... [Read More]

Brand new MLSN webinar this Friday

I’ll be teaching a webinar on Friday, May 22, at 10 a.m. New York time, about How MLSN Works. The webinar is for the Amplify network and is free and open to everyone. Contact Chris Eidson (ceidson [at] blinc [dot] com), the Education Specialist at Brookside Labs, to register. I... [Read More]