Quacks and Suckers

A couple weeks ago I was preparing for a seminar in which I discussed Charles Vancouver Piper and the early days of turfgrass science in the United States. I recalled—or quite possibly I misremembered, as I haven’t been able to find it yet—having read some years ago something by Piper... [Read More]

Soil organic matter: a bullet list

These are some key things I’ve learned after studying organic matter (OM) for a few years. This is about organic matter in the context of playing conditions—how a ball reacts when it hits the surface. And this is also about the maintenance done to manage organic matter, like sand topdressing,... [Read More]

Calcium leaches?

Did you see where soil potassium (K) only went down by 1 ppm after 374 mm (14.7 inches) of rain? In that same comparison of pre- and post-rain samples, the soil calcium (Ca) went down by 26 ppm. The Mehlich 3 Ca was 666 ppm in the sample collected on... [Read More]