The top 10 posts of 2018

These posts had the most views in 2018. Here they are, counting down from ten to one. [10] November, Kurofune keeper about the feature article on Andrew McDaniel in Weekly Golf Digest. That post has a download link for the article; it’s also available here in an easy-reading format. [9]... [Read More]

Four amazing charts: number 3 will shock you!

I’ve written before about the environmental productivity index (EPI), the growth potential, and nutrients. Park Nobel’s EPI “incorporates simultaneous effects of water, temperature, PAR [photosynthetically active radiation], and even nutrients” to predict the productivity, or the rate of generation of biomass. Turfgrass managers can modify the plant water status with... [Read More]

3 presentations at the Czech Greenkeepers Association conference

MLSN, the Short Grammar, Turfgrass Growth Potential, and Clipping Volume

I taught 3 seminars at the Czech Greenkeepers Association (Český svaz greenkeeperů) conference in Lednice. What a grand location for a conference! The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape is a UNESCO world heritage site and the conference was held at Lednice castle in the baroque (and very grand) riding hall. My slides... [Read More]