Grammar of Greenkeeping

I’ve made some movies with my friends to explain how the grammar of greenkeeping works. You may enjoy watching.


I’ve been doing some teaching, or demonstrating, how I use R software for data analysis in turf-related matters. See the full list of rturf posts. The initial project is about stimpmeter measurements and ClipVol.

The ATC Office Hours and ATC Doublecut Debut

Two shows make their debut today. One is The ATC Doublecut with Micah Woods, in which I discuss topics from the blog. Giving those topics a doublecut, so to speak, by first writing about them and then discussing some of the background and related information for that topic.

All the organic material

Everyone understands the segmentation of OM246 samples by depth. That is in the name of the test, after all. Most people understand that OM246 testing is a mass loss on ignition of all the material.

ATC newsletter survey results: future video topics

In the last ATC update newsletter I included a survey about future video topics. These are the results. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! A topic that has been on my mind and that I want to explain further is N fertilizer and ClipVol.

Soil test showdown

A recent PACE Turf update mentioned this research project by Jackie Guevara and Kevin Frank: Effects of different soil testing interpretation philosophies on creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass putting greens.

Flying Blind: the episode you've been waiting for

You’ve seen the trailer and heard the bleeps. Now, you can watch the full episode. This is “Flying Blind”, Episode 3 in Season 1 of my Grammar of Greenkeeping show.

The Flying Blind trailer: 8 things to know, measure, and adjust

Filming is complete for episode 3 of ATC’s Grammar of Greenkeeping show and the trailer came out today. This film had been scheduled to debut at an AGIF webinar this month.

7 things I've learned about turfgrass around the world

The day has finally arrived! I had a great time making this movie. I’ve been fortunate to have many friends around the world who have taught me a lot, and I spoke with some of them in this video.

Still Learning: the official trailer

Some of you saw this film at its first screening during BIGGA’s National Regional Conference. On 8 December, the “Still Learning” film is coming to screens worldwide. And now, here is the official trailer.