How MLSN works

The recording of my seminar about “How MLSN Works” is now available on YouTube. I want to correct something. At the very end, I misstated that irrigation water normally has 20 to 60 ppm (mg/L) potassium.

Webinar recording: critical maintenance this year

The video of my seminar for Campus del C├ęsped is now available. You can watch it with audio in English or in Spanish. It goes by fast with the playback speed set at 1.

Catching up with my reading

A friend sent me a link to the Business Mirror’s Golf Section and said I should check it out. I just did that, and found a picture of myself above a report about Nutranta’s Best Practices seminar.

Quick screencast of my continuous improvement system presentation

I’ve recorded a quick video to describe the presentation I delivered at Nutranta’s Best Practices seminar last week. I spoke about a continuous improvement system for turfgrass. In the presentation, I mentioned the article A Year of Measuring Putting Green Performance by Chris Hartwiger.

Establishment time: zoysia grow-in from stolons

On April 22 I planted some ‘Sena’ manilagrass with the help of staff from the GolfEast company. We were careful to plant at an exact rate, and we documented the grow-in through digital image analysis.

The turfgrass genki level, part 5: what's real, what's not, & the simplicity of this

In this series of posts, I’ve showed how one can start with temperatures and go all the way to a standardized comparison of growth in response to nitrogen supply. In this one, I want to emphasize which of these are real, which aren’t real but are useful, and to make an argument that this is a lot easier than it might seem.

Humbug, the MLSN movie

This is a movie about making fertilizer recommendations from soil tests using MLSN. I hope you enjoy watching this, and that this video provides a few new bits of information about what MLSN is and how it works.

The new MLSN movie trailer

This email arrived in September. Hello Dr. Woods, Just a quick introduction: I’m Niels Dokkuma, working for the golf federation in The Netherlands in the field of sustainability.

Recording of my presentation about managing turfgrass diseases in Asia

The recording of my presentation on “Managing turfgrass diseases in Asia with minimal input” is now online. Watch it here. I gave this presentation as part of the session on “Precision Turf and Ornamental Disease Management in the 21st Century” at the International Congress of Plant Pathology in July.

A pleasant day, with an unpleasant termination

Last week I spent a few days in Fukuoka. I was there for the 103rd Japan Amateur Golf Championship. On the the morning of July 5, I recorded a short iron shot landing on the 16th green at the host venue, Keya Golf Club.