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Inertia as the force of inactivity

This is a philosophical one. I happened to look up the definition of inertia. I had thought it meant something like continuing doing what one has been doing, like a passive continuation of the route one is traveling once started on that route.

Still Learning: the official trailer

Some of you saw this film at its first screening during BIGGA’s National Regional Conference. On 8 December, the “Still Learning” film is coming to screens worldwide. And now, here is the official trailer.

Putting green organic matter by depth in the soil

I watched the Greenkeeper App meeting about organic matter, and I recommend you do too. The video has Doug Soldat, Bill Kreuser, and Roch Gaussoin talking about soil organic matter, rootzones, sand topdressing, and turf performance.

Webinar recording: critical maintenance this year

The video of my seminar for Campus del Césped is now available. You can watch it with audio in English or in Spanish. It goes by fast with the playback speed set at 1.

It is easy to know when grass grows too slow

Every turfgrass manager knows that it is dangerous to grow the grass too slow. Something like this might happen. This bentgrass putting green in central Japan was growing too slow and shows problems with dollar spot, algae, slow recovery of pitchmarks, and senescing leaves.

Sand topdressing by growth rate and clipping volume

Does this sound about right? Matching sand topdressing to the growth of the grass works out pretty good when applying 1 cm3 of sand for every 1 cm3 of clipping volume.

Temperature-based growth potential (GP) in April and November

I’ve sometimes explained the temperature-based turfgrass growth potential (GP) of PACE Turf in relation to the grass conditions at the Masters Tournament. The playing conditions at the Masters are superb, and the cool-season grass in that season is growing at near optimum temperatures.

April 27 webinar on critical maintenance in 2020

I’ll be teaching a webinar on April 27 for Campus del Césped about critical turfgrass maintenance this year. Abstract and registration here. This seminar will be available in Spanish and in English.

Surface hardness of eight grass species on putting greens

Yesterday I wrote about tools used to measure surface hardness. I’ve used all of those tools, and I prefer the golf course firmness tester from SDI (a 500 g Clegg impact tester with a domed head) for its ease of use and reliability.